There are a lot of links on this site, but these are some IMPORTANT links! They aren't, by necessity strange or weird... just important ...How important? ...So important that the title has to be boldly, and loudly exclaimed! The title has an exclamation mark -- so you know it's gotta be important!

Bad Mucking Fastard Productions
Sinister owned and operated, it's the Perfect place to spend all your money.

I know that's what I do.

This is the link to the website of the one and only Church of Satan . Founded by Anton LaVey himself, the man who codified a system of thought with the writing of The Satanic Bible and his consequent creation of the first group of people ever to refer to themselves as "Satanists".

Radio Free Satan

This is the site for Radio Free Satan. A Satanic net radio station. I host a show for them.


The Committee for the Scientific Investigation of Claims of the Paranormal is a leading organisation for skeptical inquiry. If you wish to discover what scientific investigation of supposed "paranormal" phenomenon yields -- take a look at this site.

Cannibal Whore Feast . com

In case you don't know -- I front a band. This is a link to our now scant website.

Purging Talon

The amazing world of Magister Matt G. Paradise. From this site you will find information about his many fine projects: Not Like Most magazine, Subterranean SINema, Heavy Metal Memories... need I go on? Does he ever sleep?

No rest for the wicked.

The home of Bungie related fan music, and there you will find a growing collection of instrumental Cannibal Whore Feast music.


This is the online portfolio of Jeramy Cooke one of the most talented artists in Game Design today. He currently works for Gearbox making some of the most realistic textures you will ever see (among other things), and has a nack for storytelling and creating depth in everything on which he works.

Harris Newman

I've been a big fan of this guy's music for a long time. He can coax some of the most beautiful tones from an acoustic guitar, with a great ear and finger-style chops that put me to shame. He also runs a highly recommended mastering studio in Montreal.


Mr. Stewart has worked for DC Comics on Catwoman and has recently been working on "Seaguy," a comic book series that has to be seen to be believed. Not only has he proven that he has the skills to easily draw in the styles of other top artists, but that he has a wonderful style of his own. If his website is ever finished it's gonna look great.